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Rwandan baskets are woven from sisal fibres, banana trees and other reeds.

The first step is to harvest the sisal. The sisal leaves are peeled until only the fibre is obtained. These fibres are between 50cm and 1m long. The same process is used for baskets made from banana fibres.

Back in the village, the fibres are first washed several times to obtain a white colour. Then they are boiled with the dye and dried in the sun for several days.

The process of weaving Rwandan baskets is very complex. The sisal fibres are wound into thin bundles of herbs and fixed point by point in a tiny spool.

The coil grows as the process continues and the weaver incorporates sisal threads of different colours in neat patterns or designs.

The entire process through to the finished product is 100% natural and locally handmade thanks to the skills of craftsmen passed down from generation to generation.



No plastics, no chemicals, no pollution...

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