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Meet the weavers

The women of East Africa are expert weavers, a skill that is passed down through generations and celebrated by many. We have the privilege to work alongside these talented artisans in Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda who come together as part of cooperative groups to create exquisite handmade baskets - made accessible across wider audiences with support from The Nomad's logistics knowledge and market savvy skills.

By entering the woven basket business, women from rural communities are gaining more power and influence - providing their families with access to basic necessities such as water, electricity & food and offering educational opportunities for children. Not only this but they can also invest in renewable energy sources like solar lighting while developing new weaving techniques that increase productivity and creativity of baskets. A true win-win!


Irene Mujawezu is 50 years old, she is married and is the mother of 4 children including two children that the couple is raising since the end of the genocide.

About 10 years ago, she decided to create her own cooperative to help the women of her village and the surrounding area.

Today, Korebu employs 200 people, the majority of whom are women who weave baskets made of sisal, banana leaves and other reeds. Her cooperative is part of a larger collective that employs several hundred people in the Gitara region.

The latter allows these Rwandans to pay for medical care, to feed themselves properly and to send their children to school.


By deciding to support a small group of ten women in Tanzania, rather than working with an established cooperative, we provided them the opportunity to expand their horizons.


These determined artisans had been coming together daily to craft beautiful baskets but found themselves limited by only being able sell within local markets.

We set out not simply provide financial aid; instead offering educational and developmental resources as well that would elevate these talented creators' projects beyond traditional boundaries – increasing both quality and colour range!

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Belita, an inspiring entrepreneur of 50 years hailing from a rural poor community 200 miles outside of Nairobi, embarked on her mission to help improve the lives women in Eastern Kenya 25 years ago.


She began with just 25 weavers but has since achieved remarkable success; today there are 150 active members who gather daily at Belita's office for their communal weaving efforts and food provision.


Her hardwork is now paying off as her business continues to drastically enhance the quality of life for these brave women in Eastern Kenya!

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