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Every basket has a story, help us to spread the message

The time of "made in Africa" has come and TheNomad has given itself the mission to promote African handicrafts through products from all over the continent.


Living in Africa for 5 years, the idea of TheNomad finally came naturally. Our adventure started in East Africa with baskets from Tanzania, Kenya, Mozambique and Rwanda.

It was when I started to learn more about the work behind each basket in their creation and the beautiful colours and tradition surrounding these objects that I really understood that this was what I wanted to do.

Having lived in many countries around the world (Switzerland, USA, Ivory Coast, Spain and Tanzania), I became aware of the importance of local handicrafts for rural communities and how much we are no longer aware of this in industrialized countries where all products are mass-produced and mass-manufactured .

Being Swiss by birth and having worked in the Haute Horlegerie industry for almost 10 years, design and detail are key elements of my culture. This is perhaps why I am passionate about the skills of the weaving craftsmen with whom I now work.


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